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Saturday, 31 December 2011

1988 06 13 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes Show 021

LLT 021 - 13/06/1988 - MP3

Starting Over Lennon Back To Recording
Broadcast week of June 13, 1988

Aint That A Shame (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Watching The Wheels(Piano demo)
Whatching The Wheels (Piano demo #6)
Rock Lobster (B-52s)
Life Begins At 40 (Demo)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Steppin Out (cv)
Every Man (Yoko)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Dear Yoko (Demo)
Starting Over (cv)
My Life (Demo #1)
My Life (Demo #3)
Dont Be Crazy (Piano demo)
The Worst Is Over (Demo)
Starting Over (Studio instrumental)
Starting Over (Demo #3)
Studio dialogue (August 80)
Starting Over (Take 1)
Starting Over (Rough mix) 


  1. hello radio waves, from tokyo at last 2011.
    mp3 link is invalid, and flac links nowhere.
    please check it, thank you
    and happy new year to all!

  2. Hello casa take mp3 and flac links fixed.
    Have a very happy New Year.

  3. Hi, these are down too now again, and so are several of the others... I'm really enjoying this, I hope you can re-up soon. Thank you so much for providing listeners and devotees with the authentic version of this unique series.


  4. Morning Jay, LLT episode re-upped. Enjoy Studio2