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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lost Lennon Tapes 201 to 210

Lost Lennon Tapes 201

Lost Lennon Tapes 202

Lost Lennon Tapes 203

Lost Lennon Tapes 204

Lost Lennon Tapes 205

Lost Lennon Tapes 206

Lost Lennon Tapes 207

Lost Lennon Tapes 208

Lost Lennon Tapes 209

Lost Lennon Tapes 210

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  1. Thank you very much for re-posting these shows.

  2. Thank you very much for re-posting these shows.

  3. Lost Lennon Tapes 207 does not exist on server. Could you please upload again. Thank you very much for all the reposts.

  4. Thanks for posting this series, but like the person above wrote, Episode 207 is no longer available. Could you re-upload it again. Thanks.

  5. Morning C, 207 is back up and running. S2

  6. All links in this post still working, thank you! As of now, 29 shows are still active. If it is possible to repost the rest, in some more permanent form, that would be much appreciated. I am on Soulseek, can do torrents, or I would be willing to pay for some DVDs with the series on them. I listened to this series when it was aired with my dad, and taped them as well. Those tapes are all now lost, unfortunately. We would love to hear them again. Thanks again!