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Thursday 26 January 2017

1983 12 24 - Capitol Radio Paul McCartney

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Tomorrow Never Knows 50 minute Mix

So fancy a 50 minute mix of Tomorrow Never Knows?

If so head off to the Off White Room and listen to Andrew Liles mix

You really never know whats going to be around the next corner, when collecting and listening to The Beatles. This is one of those really oddly brilliant suprises.

Tune Out and Turn On..

Saturday 11 June 2016

2010 08 06 - BBCR4 Great Lives John Lennon

Journalist John Harris, author of influential books on music, politics and 
popular culture, was born just as the Beatles were splitting up, and was 
only 11 when John Lennon died. Yet Lennon's mischievous anti-establishment 
position - and the richness of his lyrics and music - makes him Harris's 
nomination for a Great Life. Matthew Parris tries to define what it is that 
makes this enigmatic, often difficult figure an inspiring subject for reflection. 
The expert witness is Barry Miles, in whose London gallery 
John first met Yoko in the mid 1960s.

2010 10 07 - BBCR4 - The Lennon Visitors

Comedian, Alexei Sayle, took the National Trust tour in 2009
and was so taken with its 1950s charm and with the spirit
of it, that he's gone back; this time meeting custodian,
Colin Hall and finding out what it's like to live in one
of the most famous houses in Liverpool.

Lost Lennon Tapes 211 to 218

Lost Lennon Tapes 211

Lost Lennon Tapes 212

Lost Lennon Tapes 213

Lost Lennon Tapes 214

Lost Lennon Tapes 215

Lost Lennon Tapes 216

Lost Lennon Tapes 217

Lost Lennon Tapes 218

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Lost Lennon Tapes 201 to 210

Lost Lennon Tapes 201

Lost Lennon Tapes 202

Lost Lennon Tapes 203

Lost Lennon Tapes 204

Lost Lennon Tapes 205

Lost Lennon Tapes 206

Lost Lennon Tapes 207

Lost Lennon Tapes 208

Lost Lennon Tapes 209

Lost Lennon Tapes 210

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Lost Lennon Tapes 101 to 110

Lost Lennon Tapes 101

Lost Lennon Tapes 102

Lost Lennon Tapes 103

Lost Lennon Tapes 104

Lost Lennon Tapes 105

Lost Lennon Tapes 106

Lost Lennon Tapes 107

Lost Lennon Tapes 108

Lost Lennon Tapes 109

Lost Lennon Tapes 110

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Saturday 7 May 2016

2012 10 19 - BBCR2 - Seven Days That Rocked the World Beatles on Sullivan

Stuart Maconie focuses on The Beatles' appearance 
on the Ed Sullivan Show in America, watched by a r
ecord audience of 73 million people.
With contributions from Mike Nesmith, Gary Valentine, 
Bernie Leadon, Dennis Locorriere, Ed Sullivan and 
Mojo journalist Johnny Black.

Thursday 5 May 2016

2012 08 23 - BBCR6 Seven Days That Rocked the World

Seven Days That Rocked the World - The Beatles Split. 
Stuart Maconie relieves that fateful day in 1970

Wednesday 4 May 2016

2012 10 13 - BBCWS - The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

The television film called Magical Mystery Tour was devised, 
written and directed by The Beatles. It has a significant place
 in the history of The Beatles - not least, because it was viewed 
by many as the group's first failure.

Paul Gambaccini presents a programme revealing the story behind the 
making of Magical Mystery Tour. The documentary also examines the 
group's activities during 1967 before they spent most of the final four 
months working on Magical Mystery Tour.

It was a momentous year. In February, The Beatles issued the single Penny 
Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever, accompanied by two adventurous and 
surreal promotional films for those songs. On 1 June, their LP Sgt. Pepper's 
Lonely Hearts Club Band was released, which instantly received critical 
acclaim and huge sales. They performed All You Need Is Love on the first 
global TV show linking five continents by satellite.

They first met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the last week of August 1967. 
While learning about Transcendental Meditation with him in North Wales, they 
received the shocking news of the sudden death of their manager Brian Epstein. 
Two weeks later they began filming Magical Mystery Tour.

The programme features new interviews with Paul McCartney and 
Ringo Starr. John Lennon and George Harrison are represented 
by rare archive interviews recorded during the shooting and editing 
of the film in September and October 1967. Film directors Peter Fonda, 
Terry Gilliam and Martin Scorsese discuss Magical Mystery Tour and 
there are comments from many of those who worked on or 
participated in the film.