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Saturday, 31 March 2012

1988 09 12 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes Show 034

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

BBCR2 - 1966 - Sounds of the 20th Century

1966 is the year of England's World Cup triumph. The word
 "trip" takes on a new meaning as The Byrds go 8 Miles 
High and the Beach Boys celebrate Good Vibrations. 
But it's also the year of Harold Wilson's prices and 
wages freeze and the gritty realism of Alfie, Till Death 
Us Do Part and Z Cars. For James Brown It's A Man's
 Man's Man's World, on the catwalks there's a battle 
between mini and maxi skirts and in 
south-east Asia, The War Drags On.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

2005 - Chronicles in the Backyard 01

A collection of Radio interviews from Macca's Promotions 
for Chaos and Creation from 2005.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BBCR2 - 1965 - Sounds of the 20th Century

In 1965 Britain mourns Winston Churchill and Richard Dimbleby. 
America experiences riots at home and war in Vietnam. It's the 
year of Like a Rolling Stone, Mr Tambourine Man, My Generation, 
Satisfaction and Yesterday, and on the radio Alan Freeman's 
Pick of the Pops is still required listening, but the latest transistor 
radios are tuned to Caroline and Big L. Meanwhile, on black 
and white TV, everyone's watching The Avengers and 
The Man from UNCLE.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blast Pop Access all Areas - McCartney and McCartney II

PART 1 - In Part 1 Paul discusses the breakup of The Beatles • “Oo You” • Paul on the remastered solo tracks • “Teddy Boy” • The intimate home recording process of McCartney I • “Every Night” • Paul’s experience writing on piano at age 16 • “Suicide” bonus track • Paul on the inspiration for Maybe I’m Amazed • “Maybe I’m Amazed”
PART 2 - Paul discusses keeping going after the Beatles breakup • “That Would Be Something” • Paul explains the ‘cherry’ cover art of McCartney I • “Junk” • Paul reflects on the iconic back cover photo on McCartney I • “Man We Was Lonely”
PART 3 - Paul discusses his music after the demise of Wings • “Waterfalls” • Paul discusses making the video for “Blue Sway” included on the deluxe version the McCartney II re-release package • “Blue Sway” • Paul on the concept for the video Coming Up • “Coming Up” live • Paul on John Lennon’s reaction to hearing Coming Up
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Thursday, 15 March 2012

1977 08 29 - Ringo Starr Inner-view

Ringo Starr is interviewed by Elliot Mintz for this radio broadcast
 from 1977. Topics range from his early memories, to the Beatles fame, 
the break-up, and right on through to his solo efforts. This interesting 
and entertaining conversation with Ringo was originally broadcast 
on August 29th 1977 on American radio in two parts on the program 
'Inner-view.' The chat between Ringo and Elliot Mintz 
was recorded in Starr's own home in the Hollywood hills.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BBCR2 - 1964 - Sounds of the 20th Century

In 1964, British teenagers get their first taste of all-day pop 
radio as the pirate ships sail onto the medium wave. 
America goes all the way with LBJ, and while the Mods 
and Rockers are fighting on the beaches, Harold Wilson
 ends 13 years of Tory rule.
Meanwhile, The Beatles are busy conquering America
 and Tamla Motown's doing the same in the UK. People 
are Dancin' in the Street but it's A Hard Day's Night.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

1988 08 22 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes Show 031

LLT 031 - 22/08/1988 - MP3

Broadcast week of August 22, 1988

I Want To Hold Your Hand (cv)
I Saw Her Standing There (24 Oct 63, Live Stockholm)
From Me To You (24 Oct 63, Live Stockholm)
Roll Over Beethoven (24 Oct 63, Live Stockholm)
You Really Got A Hold On Me (24 Oct 63, Live Stockholm)
Instumental (August 72, Rehearsal)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Woman Is The ****** Of The World (Demo)
Aint That A Shame (March 72, Studio jam)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
John (May 72, With Dick Gregory)
Woman Is The ****** Of The World (August 72, Live New York)
A Hard Days Night (Peter Sellers)
She Loves You (Peter Sellers)
Get Back (cv)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
What You Got (Studio instrumental)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
Get Up (Wailers)
I Shot The Sherriff (Eric Clapton)
Borrowed Time (Demo)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

2011 12 20 - BBCR2 - Radcliffe and Maconie Tuesday with Sir Paul McCartney

Stuart Maconie in conversation with Sir Paul McCartney, 
who performed last night in Manchester, in the penultimate 
date of his On The Run Tour. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BBCR2 - 1963 - Sounds of the 20th Century

The year opens with the big freeze and ends with the world mourning 
a young President shot dead in Dallas Texas. In between, Lord Beeching 
 wields his axe on Britain's railways and it's the year of the Great 
Train Robbery. In music, there's a Mersey boom and chart 
domination for the new beat groups from Liverpool. And there's a revolution 
underway in television too, led by the young David Frost
 and That Was the Week That Was.

Monday, 5 March 2012

What a way to Spend the day - St Peter's Church Woolton Liverpool

A visit today to a sunny St Peter's.
 The Plaque from St Peter's Hall.
and finally the grave stones of McKenzie and
Eleanor Rigby (extreme Left)

These and a few more are available to download
if you do so choose. Normal service returns in the morning
Happy Beatling !


The Beatles Radio Waves Blog is one year old today.
When I started this blog my plan was to publish a 100 or so radio
shows from the collection I'd stacked up over the years.
Through various sources more radio shows
have been donated and found.

223 show have been uploaded to the blog and I can confirm
I have enough shows to keep going for the next year or so.

Megauploads disappearance has caused a bit of a wrinkle and many of
the shows from mega have been re-upped. If you do come across a
show that has a dead link and you'd like the show, please leave a comment.
I'll re-up at my earliest convieniance.

We are about to enter 50 year celebrations, so I'm hopeful of lots
more radio shows to look forward to.

I'd like to thank all who have contributed,commented and visited.

"thank you very much, you have a lucky face"

Saturday, 3 March 2012

1988 08 17 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes Show 030

LLT 030 - 15/08/1988 - MP3

Collage 5
  Broadcast week of August 15, 1988

Sally And Billy (Piano demo)
Sally And Billy (Piano demo #3)
I Cant Get No Nookie (Masked Marauders)
Saturday Night at The Cow Palace (Masked Marauders)
Have You Heard The Word (Fut)
John (sept 74, KHJ radio)
Lullaby (Grapefruit demo)
Lullaby (Grapefruit)
Im A Man (Home tape)
Case Of The Blues (Dec 68, Home tape)
Its So Hard (Alternate version)
Send Me Some Lovin (Home tape)
John (1 Jan 76, Elliot Mintz interview)
Nobody Loves You (cv)
John (1 Jan 76, Elliot Mintz interview)
Strangers Room (piano demo)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Im Losing You (Demo)
Im Losing You (cv)
New York City (cv)
New York City (Sept 71, Clock soundtrack)
New York City (Home tape)