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Sunday, 28 October 2012

1984 - BC075 - Sgt Peppers - A History of the Beatle Years

BC075 - Sgt Peppers - A History of the Beatle Years
Volume Five 1970

Saturday, 27 October 2012

1989 04 10 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 064

Broadcast week of April 10, 1989

Roll Over Beethoven (30 March 64, BBC radio)
Johnny B. Goode (15 Feb 64, BBC radio)
I Got To Find My Baby (11 June 63, BBC radio)
Now Youre In Heaven (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Second Time (Julian Lennon)
Tie Me Kangaroo Down (Rolf Harris)
Paul, John and Mal Evans (13 june 64, Adelaide)
Tell Me Why (cv)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (12 June 64, Live Adelaide)
I Should Have Known Better (cv)
Derek Taylor
John (Dec 70, Rolling Stone)
Make It Up To You (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Youre The One (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Move Over Ms. L (Take 1)
Move Over Ms. L (Demo)
Move Over Ms. L (Demo)
Move Over Ms. L (Take 2)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

2012 10 17 - BBCR2 - The Casbah

The Casbah: Birthplace of Merseybeat celebrates the 
somewhat neglected and hugely significant venue where 
The Beatles enjoyed a residency prior to their later and
 more often recognised success at the Cavern Club. 
The documentary is presented by original Beatles' drummer 
Pete Best whose mother Mona both owned and ran the club.

The Casbah, a private members club in the basement of the 
Best family home, was distinctive in a number of ways having 
opened as a strictly Rock'n'Roll venue. The majority of 
Liverpool clubs in the late 50's having had roots in Jazz, Folk 
& Country music. It was also notable in that it was run by a 
woman, Mona Best, in an era when music/club promoters 
were invariably male. The documentary will explore the 
history of the club (decorated by The Beatles and now awarded 
Blue Plaque status) while examining the broader context of the 
boom that came to be known as Merseybeat. 

Contributions from Merseybeat newspaper founder Bill Harry 
alongside Merseybeat veterans Mike Pender of The Searchers, 
Georgie Spruce (AKA Earl Preston of Earl Preston & The TT's), 
Howie Casey (of Derry & the Seniors-the first Liverpool combo 
to play in Hamburg and secure a recording contract), and 
Geoff Nugent (of The Undertakers). The programme will also 
feature the recollections of Casbah Club members and a fleeting,
 though noteworthy, contribution from Paul McCartney

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

2012 10 10 - BBCR2 Beatleland

From the moment their plane lands at John Lennon Airport, 
or their train pulls into Lime Street station, visitors to Liverpool 
are reminded of the city's most famous sons at almost every turn.
Every day, tourists beat a path to Lennon and McCartney's 
childhood homes, restored to their 1950s glory by the National 
Trust. From Albert Dock to Mathew Street, Beatle memorials 
are ever present: Penny Lane and Strawberry Field, clubs like 
The Jacaranda, The Casbah and The Cavern where the group
 learned its trade, The Grapes and Ye Cracke, where the young 
Beatles would sit over a pint of cider and Gambier Terrace 
where John Lennon shared a flat with fellow art student Stu Sutcliffe. 
The Beatles connection is worth millions of pounds a year to 
the local economy.
In a programme filled with atmospheric location recordings, 
music and archive, Craig Charles visits Menlove Avenue, 
where Lennon's Aunt Mimi ruled the roost and the young John 
practised his guitar in the porch, and Forthlin Road where John and 
Paul composed so many of their most famous songs in the McCartney's
 front room. He'll sit in 'the shelter in the middle of the roundabout' 
at Penny Lane and head for the Cavern with fans like Geoff Davies 
who saw the Beatles perform there more than seventy times. We'll hear 
the Kop singing She Loves You in 1963, listen to acetates of the 
earliest recordings made by the Quarrymen in a local DIY recording studio, 
discover how Eleanor Rigby really did exist and find out about Tommy 
Handley and Albert Stubbins, the Scouse legends Lennon picked to grace
the cover of Sgt.Pepper.
The Beatles' rise coincided with Bill Shankley's Liverpool football team 
and a vibrant music and comedy scene in the city. And after the first,
 world-conquering flush of Beatlemania, the group began to look inward.
 John Lennon described In My Life as his first 'major' piece of songwriting. 
In its original form, the lyrics followed the route taken by a bus from his 
childhood home at Menlove Avenue to the centre of town: Penny Lane, 
the Abbey Cinema and Calderstone Park are among the locations listed.
Fifty years ago Liverpool gave the world the biggest musical phenomenon 
of all time. What was in the Mersey air that enabled John, Paul, George 
and Ringo to conquer the world ? How did the city shape The Beatles 
and how does their enduring success continue to impact upon their 
home town ?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturday, 20 October 2012

1989 04 03 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 063

Broadcast week of April 3, 1989

A Hard Days Night (cv)
Waltzing Madilda (March 1964, Twickenham)
John and Paul (June 1964, Bob Rogers interview)
All My Loving (June 12, 1964, Live Adelaide)
When I Get Home (cv)
Jimmy Nichol
John and George (June 1964, Bob Rogers interview)
Im Happy Just To Dance With You (cv)
Bob Francis
Twist And Shout ( June 12, 1964, Live Adelaide)
You Get What You Want (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon
Now Youre In Heaven (Julian Lennon)
Every Day (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Woman Is The ****** Of The World (cv)
The Luck Of The Irish (Demo 1)
The Luck Of The Irish (Demo 2)
The Luck Of The Irish (cv)
Stick Around (Julian Lennon)
Julian Lennon
Mother Mary (Julian Lennon)
Whatever Gets You Through The Night (cv)
#9 Dream (Demo)
#9 Dream (cv)
John (September 1980, Playboy)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

2012 10 04 - BBCR2 Blagger's Guide to The Beatles


David Quantick is back and this time he's giving you a 
Ticket To Ride the Magical Mystery Tour of musical 
knowledge that is Blagger's Guide to The Beatles.
What really happened at their first ever recording session? 
What was the working title of Yesterday? And, 
what was Help! originally called?
David will be revealing all about the world's favourite 
Scouser's, and showing the extent that The Beatles have 
influenced our lives; beyond that awful bowl cut you had 
when you were a kid.
In true anarchic Blagger's fashion, David be giving you the 
answers to questions you didn't even know existed with the 
help of spoof adverts, quick fire gags and movie trailers.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

2012 10 03 - BBCR2 - A Year In The Life: Beatles 1962

A Year In The Life: Beatles '62 narrates the pivotal breakthrough 
year for the newly mop-topped Liverpool beat combo via the 
recollections of those who knew and worked alongside them in 
An oral history narrated by Liverpool contemporary Roger McGough
A Year In The Life recounts a familiar tale via the less-familiar
 recollections of those who were vital to The Beatles development in 1962.
The programme will range from their unsuccessful January 
1st audition for Decca records through to the recording 
and release of their breakthrough hit 'Love Me Do'.
A Year In the Life will also reflect upon their crowning in the 
Merseybeat newspaper as the leading Liverpool group, their 
first radio broadcasts at the BBC's Manchester studios, the death 
of original bassist Stu Sutcliffe, their return to Hamburg's Star Club, 
 the ousting of drummer Pete Best.
Contributors include Bill Harry(the editor of Merseybeat), Klaus 
Voorman (their close friend from Hamburg & the artist responsible 
for Revolver's striking sleeve) Pete Best (their original drummer) 
Joe Brown & Mike Berry (who shared bills with the group 
shortly before their national fame) Andy White (the studio session 
drummer who played on 'Love Me Do') and publicist Tony Calder 
(who promoted their first single).

Monday, 15 October 2012

1981 02 23 - The McCartney Interview

Open and frank interview given in the summer of 1980, 
it was released in the UK 23rd February 1981 and 
deleted the same day.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

1989 03 27 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 062

Broadcast week of March 27, 1989

Rock N Roll Music (December 26, 1964, BBC radio)
Memphis (March 8, 1962, BBC radio)
Too Much Monkey Business (September 10, 1963, BBC radio)
Sweet Little Sixteen (July 23, 1963, BBC radio)
Im The Greatest (cv)
Ringo ( April 16, 1974, Elliot Mintz interview)
Im The Greatest (Outtake)
Six OClock (cv)
John (April 16, 1973, Elliot Minttz interview)
Bring On The Lucie (cv)
John (Sepember 1980, Playboy)
Free The People (Home tape)
Bring On The Lucie (Rough mix)
Mind Games (cv)
John (September 1980, Playboy)
Move On Fast (Yoko Ono)
John (April 16, 1973, Elliot Mintz interview)
God (cv)
A Hard Days Night (cv)
Things We Said Today (cv)
Paul and John (June 11, 1964, John Edwards interview)
Press Conference (June 11, 1964, Sydney)
Long Tall Sally (cv)
You Cant Do That (cv)
I Saw Her Standing There (June 12, 1964 , Live Adelaide)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sunday, 7 October 2012

2012 10 02 - BBCR4 - The Secret World Paul McCartney

What happens when Paul can't access his email
and his PA is on leave ? Short and sweet funny spoof.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

1989 03 20 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 061

Broadcast week of March 20, 1989

Im The Greatest (Piano demo)
John (September 19 80, Playboy)
Im The Greatest (Studio demo)
Ticket To Ride (cv)
John (September 19 80, Playboy)
Ticket To Ride (June 7, 1965, BBC radio)
Yes It Is (cv)
John (September 1980, Playboy)
Yes It Is (Take 1)
Steppin Out (Demo)
Steppin Out (Studio breakdown)
Steppin Out (Studio rehearsal)
Sudio dialogue (Steppin Out session)
Steppin Out (Rough mix)
Walter Shenson
Walter Shenson
Act Naturally (cv)
John, George and Ringo (1965, Twickenham)
Paul and George (1965, Twickenham)
John (1965, Twickenham)
John (1965, Twickenham)
John and Paul (1965, Twickenham)
Paul, George and John (1965, Twickenham)
Help (Take 1)
Help (Take 5)
Help (cv)
John (September 1980, Playboy)
Help (Piano demo)
John (December 1970, Rolling Stone)
John (December 1970, Rolling Stone)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 2)
John (December 1970, Rolling Stone)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 4)
Strawberry Fields Forever (cv)
The Beatles (1965, Twickenham)

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