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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

1984 06 03 - Paul McCartney The Man Radio Show

McCartney shares his feelings about the state that Liverpool
finds itself in 1984, which for anyone who passed through around that time
was not in the best shape. Liverpool Festival Gardens were open and the 
Yellow Submarine that now sits over looking the Mersey River made it's first
appearance. The Beatles Liverpool 2.0 hadn't happened yet, the only tours were out
of the old museum on Mathew Street, former Liverpool FC player Tommy Smith
was trying to get the Cavern reopened, you could buy an original Cavern 
brick for a fiver and the local record shop on the corner of Mathew Street, 
Probe Records stank of cat pee. Happy days :)  Please enjoy the show.

Thanks to Randwolf2 for this radio show.


  1. Working my way through (right now I'm listening to the great Apple Scruffs radio show! I actually choked up!)....anyways, this 1984 show is Megaupload....and dead as a doornail, to quote Dickens.

    You are the Walrus, Studio Two!!!!!

  2. Re-upped at your request. If you haven't caught 1996 08 - BBCR2 Beatles v Beach Boys, I would highly recommend it. In the evolution of music in the mid sixties, this is the tale of the two bands that drove it.