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Friday, 30 March 2012

Paul McCartney - Australia Channel 7 Sunday Night Kisses On The Bottom


  1. Downloading now, thanks!! What's great about this blog is you can keep with what the guys are doing in the present day as well as going back in time!!

    Hey, a little request, if you've got them, and if you ever have the time or inclination! The George Martin interviews were great! The BBC also did, as part of their Record Producers series, two episodes on Glyn Johns and one on Chris Thomas! They aren't up on the BBC anymore....if you have them, could you post them? I'm sure they talk about the Beatles (and, of course, who wouldn't want to hear the stories about the Who and the Stones, etc). I know it's a bit off the Beatle track, but I just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks for this Australia interview!

  2. JW: Thanks for the comments. That's a nice little challenge you have set. Currently I only have the George Martin show and looking a little deeper from series 1 there are also shows covering Tony Visconti, Bob Clearmountain and Hugh Padgham, that maybe of some interest. Leave this one with me. Studio2