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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blast Pop Access all Areas - McCartney and McCartney II

PART 1 - In Part 1 Paul discusses the breakup of The Beatles • “Oo You” • Paul on the remastered solo tracks • “Teddy Boy” • The intimate home recording process of McCartney I • “Every Night” • Paul’s experience writing on piano at age 16 • “Suicide” bonus track • Paul on the inspiration for Maybe I’m Amazed • “Maybe I’m Amazed”
PART 2 - Paul discusses keeping going after the Beatles breakup • “That Would Be Something” • Paul explains the ‘cherry’ cover art of McCartney I • “Junk” • Paul reflects on the iconic back cover photo on McCartney I • “Man We Was Lonely”
PART 3 - Paul discusses his music after the demise of Wings • “Waterfalls” • Paul discusses making the video for “Blue Sway” included on the deluxe version the McCartney II re-release package • “Blue Sway” • Paul on the concept for the video Coming Up • “Coming Up” live • Paul on John Lennon’s reaction to hearing Coming Up
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