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Sunday, 11 March 2012

1983 11 26 - Ringo's Yellow Submarine 26

The final episode of the series.
Ringo's Yellow Submarine 26


  1. Hi, Thanx for all this great stuff here.
    It seems as though the "Ringo's Yellow Sub" series downloads are all unavilable or deleted from Vol. 16 through Vol. 26. All the others download OK. Vol. 1 through Vol. 15 all work fine.
    Can you please repair #'s 16 - 26?
    Thanx in advance! We really enjoy these...

  2. Thank You, Yes, Thank You. Not Because You Asked Me To, But I Really Do Appreciate You For Being Here. Its So Abstract To Me To Think Listening To And Following The Fabs Since 63', That Here It Is 2013, And Just Look Around. The Only Part Of The Fabs I Always Preach, Well Not Always. But When I Do, It Was All About Peace&Love, And Those Who Followed Each After The Paul vs. John,George,Ritchie(Ringo), It Was Always About, Spiritual Uplifting, Stop The Wars&Violence, And NO NO NO, And Those Silly Love Songs Next To The Pipes Of Peace. The Lyrics Always Gave Out The Blueprint To Change The World To A PeaceFul Society. So I Don't Really Get The Admiration, If The Plan Was Never Realized And The Escalating Global Violence Tells Me Its Getting Worse. So To The World Of Peace&Love(PepperLand),(NUTOPIA), I Thank You For Sprading The World And The Continuation Of She Loves You And Give Peace A Chance. One More Important Event And LandMark Event. Its Yoko's 80th Birthday. Lets Send Her The Best Present Of All...STOP ALL WARS NOW, STOP ALL VIOLENCE NOW. Peace&Love...From The Sky I Love You ! !! !!!

  3. Please be quiet. You're giving me a headache. Be a good fellow and go off and take your medication....

  4. Hi, first of all!...what a great blog! congrats!...and it is possible to reup links 7 and from 16 to 26?....please!!!!...thanks in advance-

  5. Hi, thanks a lot! Please episode 5 link is broken. Regards. Laurent

  6. Please please please can u re up from 12 to 26? please please, thanks in advance!