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Friday, 1 August 2014

Top of The Pops - Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol 13

The final show includes includes the series
booklet. Perfect end to a perfect series.
Thanks as always to the one known
as Hobnail.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

2010 08 06 - BBCR4 Great Lives John Lennon

Journalist John Harris, author of influential books on music, politics and 
popular culture, was born just as the Beatles were splitting up, and was 
only 11 when John Lennon died. Yet Lennon's mischievous anti-establishment 
position - and the richness of his lyrics and music - makes him Harris's 
nomination for a Great Life. Matthew Parris tries to define what it is that 
makes this enigmatic, often difficult figure an inspiring subject for reflection. 
The expert witness is Barry Miles, in whose London gallery 
John first met Yoko in the mid 1960s.

03/07/1965 to 06/08/1966 - Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol 11

More magic from Hobnail

Sunday, 27 July 2014

12/01/1964 to 04/04/1964 - Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol 08

For Beatles fans looking for the BBC Radio Shows from the
early sixties, nothing really comes close to this set.
BIG Thanks to Hobnail

2012 02 10 - BBCR4 - Front Row Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney discusses the art of classic song writing as he releases 
 his 15th solo LP, Kisses on the Bottom - an album made up of songs 
McCartney grew up listening to, plus two originals.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

1968 12 12 - BBCRadio Night Ride with John Peel

John and Yoko join John Peel for a 
70 minute chat

2012 02 07 - BBCR2 - Jamie Cullum Sir Paul McCartney Special

This week, Jamie meets Sir Paul McCartney for a special,
in-depth interview about the musician's love of jazz.

The two discuss the role jazz has played in Sir Paul's life, from
growing up listening to his father's jazz band to their mutual love of
Fats Waller. Sir Paul reflects on his days withThe Beatles, and how jazz
subtly informed the way they approached their compositions.

He then talks about his current album of jazz standards and
riginal compositions, Kisses On The Bottom, and explains the way
it came together, from initial inspiration to collaborations
with Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder.