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Thursday, 15 March 2012

1977 08 29 - Ringo Starr Inner-view

Ringo Starr is interviewed by Elliot Mintz for this radio broadcast
 from 1977. Topics range from his early memories, to the Beatles fame, 
the break-up, and right on through to his solo efforts. This interesting 
and entertaining conversation with Ringo was originally broadcast 
on August 29th 1977 on American radio in two parts on the program 
'Inner-view.' The chat between Ringo and Elliot Mintz 
was recorded in Starr's own home in the Hollywood hills.


  1. Whoah!! Ask and I shall receive! Just like that! This blog is like Aladdin's Lamp!

    You don't have the 20 minute Helter Skelter or Carnival of Light do you?!!! (just kidding!!)

    Love love love.......this blog!

  2. Not sure about Carnival of Light, from what I've read it's going to be a bit like Revolution 9.

    Helter Skelter the 20 minute version I can't help you with either but there is a fine 12 minute version on the bootleg The Beatles - Most Wanted Tracks. It maybe an outfake on the other hand it may not be. I would advise you gave it a listen.

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  4. Spiderjeru: Just checked and working fine at the moment.
    Sadly with the loss of mega, sharing has become more difficult and all eggs in one basket could prove disasterous for the blog. Try again any more problems and I'll re-upp to another site. Studio2

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  6. Spiderjeru: Uploaded the wrong file. I have re-upped and this one works, no passwords. Thanks for you patience. Studio2