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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

2004 06 12 - BBCR4 Archive Hour - Zed Is For Zapple

Label manager Barry Miles travelled across America recording
counter-culture heroes, while back home John Lennon and 
George Harrison were recording their own work for the label.


  1. Ha! Only this blog would have a documentary about ZAPPLE!! Awesome! With Barry Miles no less!!! The link itself is dead right now, but I am currently getting misty eyed listening to the Newsweek interview, thanks for re-uploading that one! (and all the others!)

    Hey, a slight request if you have it: The KSAN Tom Donohue interview with John from '74! Never heard it, would love to hear that one (in fact, whatever you got of John during his radio blitz in 74!). But whatever, there's more than enough already posted to keep me listening for a thousand years!!!!

  2. JW, ZAPPLE show up and ready to go. Please enjoy.
    I may have the KSAN Tom Donohue interview with John from '74, if so I'll make it available soon.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. dear beatlefriend,

    I found yours one of the most interesting beatle pages on internet. I´m a 64 fan and since I was 14 I´ve been learning about the Fab four. I´m just starting a research project on the music of the Beatles and you have been one of my favourite blog. IT´s a pity I have not been able to download many of your documents. Can you give a cue abot how to do it? God bless you!!

  4. Afternoon Alfredo, there will be a link under each photo or cover, just click and follow the link. If any of the links are broken please leave a comment and I will make the show available again. Enjoy! Studio2

  5. Would you mind re-upping this? Thanks!