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Monday, 17 December 2012

2011 09 04 - The First Time With... Ringo Starr

A fantastic interview with a frank and confident Ringo.
The Beatles get a mention over the hour of course but its good
that we get to hear about the non Beatle years. Treat yourself to
an hour of Ringo chat and excellent music.


  1. Duly reporting that the link is dead! (great blog!)

  2. Another victim of megauploaded re-upped ! Studio2

  3. Hey Stu, Just wanted to thank you for such a great year of amazing material. Really. Hours and hours of fascination I've spent, listening to these generous uploads.

    Not to be maudlin but as I'm sure you know....and as I'm embarrassed to say....we here in America have had yet another horrible, horrible tragic senseless shooting. It's almost too much to bear. What can I say about my country other than I'm disgusted with's the outrage of all outrages.

    Making it even sadder was something I happened to read today, about one of the young victims, I thought I'd share it with you, I had to share it with someone who it might resonate's about 6-year old Benjamin Wheeler, who was shot and killed in his classroom last Friday....


    "Seventy miles from where Benjamin Wheeler was killed, mourners gathered to remember the irrepressibly spirited boy who loved The Beatles, sprinting across a soccer field and riding the No. 7 train to Sunnyside."

    The article also goes on to say that he played the piano and that they had just discovered shortly before he was killed that he had perfect pitch, which is a rare musical gift.

    Rest in peace, little Beatle fan. How we wish you were here. :(