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Saturday, 22 December 2012

1989 06 05 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 072

Broadcast week of June 5, 1989

Ill Follow The Sun (November 1964, BBC radio)
Im A Loser (November 1964, BBC radio)
Shes A Woman (November 1964, BBC radio)
I Feel Fine (November 1964, BBC radio)
Cold Turkey (September 1969, Live Toronto)
John (December 1980, Playboy)
Toronto Press Conference (December 17, 1969)
Cold Turkey (Demo Take 1)
Cold Turkey (Alternate take)
John (December 1980, Playboy)
Dear Yoko (Demos take 1)
I Am The Walrus (cv)
Beautiful Boy (Instrumental)
John (December 1980, Playboy)
Dear Yoko (Demos takes 2 and 30
Woman (Overdubs)
Woman (cv)
Yoko Ono (December 1980, Playboy)
Bless You (Menlove Avenue album)
Bless You (July 14, 1974, Outtake)
Move Over Ms L (July 14, 1974, Outtake)
Move Over Ms L (July 15, 1974, Outtake)
Stand By Me (cv)
Borrowed Time (cv)
Borrowed Time (1980, Demo)


  1. Thank you for what you're doing for all of us beatlefans :-) I've discovered this blog recently, and I hope you can solve a doubt. Is there a place where Hobnail 's Red Hot file can be found? Same question about the first chapter of Beeb Lost Tapes, "A tendency to play music"? Thanks in advance!

  2. Evening Almeriensis, I am aware of Hobnails Red Hot File but am not aware of where it can be freely downloaded. As for The Beebs Lost Tapes, I am hoping to have the 14 shows in my possession in the next months or so. Studio2