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Monday, 31 December 2012

1999 12 25 - BBCR2 - McCartney`s Rock`n`Roll Radio Show

Paul McCartney plays at being a DJ for BBC Radio 2. 
A couple of hours of tracks from McCartney's Run Devil Run album
 and some of his favourite Rock n Roll Tunes.


  1. Oof! This one looks like a good one! but alas....gone the way of Megauppy! Just informing you!

  2. Just letting you know, this one's a dead link as well, Studio Two. (and there's one more I found, I'll leave a comment in that one).

    The dead links are less and less though! Thank you!!!

  3. JW, you may have to be patient while I retrive this one from CD back up. Studio2.

  4. Hey! Today's Run Devil Run interview disc post made me doublecheck to see if this was back up! So, just in case you may have forgotten it was a "megaupload casualty" and yet at the same time may have located the CD back up.....I'm just leaving this obnoxious comment! Ha! (the idea of Paul playing DJ is definitely the intriguing thing on this one!).

    In the meantime, I'm going to finish up the Chronicles for the Chaos promo tour! It's not like we don't have more than enough Macca to sink our teeth into!!!

  5. Your patience has been rewarded JW. Maccas two hour DJ set is back on the blog. As always Enjoy!