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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

1995 07 31 - Oobu Joobu Part 13

Westwood One radio show.
Broadcast during the weekend of August 7, 1995.

01. Oobu Joobu Intro - Jingle
02. Mean Woman Blues - Soundcheck in Winnepeg
03. When The Wind She Blows Cool - Jam in Winnepeg
04. Comedy: Biff Stantial - Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band
05. Outro - Intermezzo
06. Oobu Joobu Jingle / Introduction Coming Up - Chat
07. Coming Up - Outtake
08. I Want Love - Reggae from Jamaica
09. Another Day - Tour rehearsal
10. Praying Mantis / Mambo Baby - 2 pieces from rude corner
11. Oobu Joobu Jingle - Jingle
12. Ann & Nancy Wilson About Wasting Water - Chat
13. What About Love - Heart single
14. Cook Of The House / Linda's Recipe - Linda's recipe
15. Sheep May Safely Graze / Paul About Meat - Go Veggie chat
16. Instrumental Incl. Oobu Joobu Jingles - Another different instrumental
17. Oobu Joobu Jingle - Jingle
18. Beautiful Boy - John Lennon
19. Oobu Joobu Jingle - Jingle
20. Midnight Special - Tour rehearsal
21. Oobu Joobu Outro - Jingle
22. Rooster - Bonus track: from an acetate aka The Great Cock And The Seagull Race
23. Night Out - Bonus track: from an acetate

1 comment:

  1. Holy smokes, Stu! These really are improved quality! I'm finally getting around to listening to these and comparing them to the old ones! (which I am now deleting from my hard drive!).

    I just saw a news article about the "Please Please Me" specials that are coming up on both the telly and the radio! You're lucky living in Great Britain! You get all the great specials! (like these great fan story specials you've been posting!)

    Hey, question, yet another request, if you've got it! Remember in 1997, Paul did a "Town Hall" in Bishopsgate? It was for American TV, VH-1, it was moderated by John Fugelsang (who also did George's last "performance" with Ravi). I have it on videotape somewhere....but the only thing I can find on You Tube is just the "Bishopsgate" song he improvised with the audience! If you have the audio for the show itself (or know where I can find it!), I'd love to hear it again!

    But if I find my videotape of it, I'll make an audio file of it and send it to you. It was really beautiful!

    Thanks again for all this great stuff!!