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Monday, 28 July 2014

18/04/1964 to 17/11/1964 - Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol 09

More excellent work from Hobnail.


  1. Studio Two, question!

    Are these Unsurpassed Broadcasts superior to the Purple Chick BBC set? Also....I didn't see it on these, but is the upgrade of (at least the last few songs of) "It's The Beatles" (12/7/63, Liverpool Empire) anywhere on this site? I know it's on Purple Chick's "Before America", but can't find any links to that disc (that are operational!).

    Sorry to bother you with these questions! And thanks for the continuing great work! (just downloaded the third McCartney Chronicles, thanks!)

  2. Evening JW - The unsurpassed broadcasts are an upgraded set to the marvellous Purple Chick BBC set, you'll find extra tracks and chat included in the USB set.

    The Liverpool It's The Beatles & Royal Variety Performance is also doing the rounnds on CD and DVD From Misterclaudel issue number MCCD77.

    I really enjoyed the Chronicles series :)

  3. Can you re-up Vol 9? It seems to be missing. Thanks in advance. Great set!