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Saturday, 18 August 2012

1989 01 30 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 054

Grapefruit: Can You Dig It?

You Cant do That (Sept 64, Live Philedelphia)
She Loves You (Sept 64, Live Philedelphia)
Things We Said Today (Sept 64, Live Philedelphia)
Long Tall Sally (Sept 64, Live Philedelphia)
Imagine (cv)
John (Dec 80, BBC radio)
Grapefruit poems (Home tape)
Dig It (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Get Back (cv)
Dig It (26 Jan 69, Rehearsal)
You Never Give Me Your Money (cv)
I Found Out (cv)
John (10 Oct 71, Elliot Mintz interview)
Money (Sept 69, Live Toronto)
New York City (cv)
John (10 Oct 71, Elliot Mintz interview)
Flying (cv)
Imagine (Piano take)
Grapefruit poems (Home tape)
Imagine (Alternate take)

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