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Saturday, 4 August 2012

1989 01 16 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 052

One To One Encore Lennon On The Air In Hollywood

New York City (August 72, Studio rehearsal)
Its So Hard (August 72, Studio rehearsal)
Imagine (cv)
John (Feb 75, WNEW radio)
John (10 Oct 71, Elliot Mintz interview)
Oh Yoko (Piano demo)
Oh Yoko (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Oh Yoko (Rough mix)
What You Got (Studio rehearsal)
John (27 Sept 74, KHJ radio)
#9 Dream (cv)
John (27 Sept 74, KHJ radio)
John (27 Sept 74, KHJ radio)
I Am The Walrus (cv)
John (27 Sept 74, KHJ radio)
What You Got (Studio instrumental)
Twist And Shout (September 64, Live Philedelphia)
If I Fell (September 64, Live Philedelphia)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (September 64, Live Philedelphia)
A Hard Days Night (September 64, Live Philedelphia)
Gimmie Some Truth (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Gimmie Some Truth (Jan 69, Rehearsal)
Gimmie Some Truth (Rough mix)


  1. Thanks for all your great uploads.

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  2. Hello !
    Episode 29 seems to be missing from the list... Could you please kindly upload ?

    Many thank yous !!!

  3. Evening Travisfan. LLT029 is available again to download. As always Enjoy! Studio2