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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BBCR2 - 1958 - Sounds of the 20th Century

The year is 1958, John and Ringo will be 18 years old, Paul 16 and George 15.
Julia Lennon, mother of John dies after being run over by an off duty Policeman.

At least five of the songs included in this show were cover by
The Beatles or solo.

 The year of the first Aldermaston March and the Ban the Bomb campaign. 
London experiences its first race riots in Notting Hill. Two great British drivers - 
Stirling Moss and Mike Hawthorne - battle for the Formula One championship 
but sport is dominated by Manchester United's Munich disaster. 

Elvis Presley joins the army but British kids have a new rock 'n' roll hero, 
Cliff Richard. It's the year of South Pacific and Magic Moments.
Eddie Cochran has the Summertime Blues and Buddy Holly raves on.

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