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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

BBCR2 - 1955 - Sounds of the 20th Century

1955 - Liverpool Overhead Railway 
photographed from Strand Street. 
Please visit for more 
amazing photos of Liverpool.
The year is 1955, John and Ringo will be 15 years old, Paul 13 and George 12.
A huge year of musical influence, as at least five of the songs featured in this 
show will be covered by The Beatles or Solo.
A year when when a young singer called Elvis Presley starts to get 
noticed. BBC Television gets its first competitor with the arrival 
of ITV and shows like Take Your Pick and Dragnet. James Dean is
killed before moviegoers have seen him in Rebel without a Cause, 
Ruth Ellis becomes the last woman in Britain to be hanged and 
Kim Philby is unmasked as the Third Man.

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