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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lost Lennon Tapes 081 to 090

Lost Lennon Tapes 081

Lost Lennon Tapes 082

Lost Lennon Tapes 083

Lost Lennon Tapes 084

Lost Lennon Tapes 085

Lost Lennon Tapes 086

Lost Lennon Tapes 087

Lost Lennon Tapes 088

Lost Lennon Tapes 089

Lost Lennon Tapes 090

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  1. thank you unbelievable uploads !!!

  2. Thanks Danny. I was in England with no way of hearing these shows when they were originally aired, it is a very gutsy series and hats off to Yoko for letting it happen. I am planning to post all the shows over the next week or so. Stay tuned.

    1. as i said before i hadn't even heard of these shows when i happened to be in new york in dec 1988 i recorded a part of one show and over the years have tried unsucessfully to get them all at various download sites this is a dream come true

  3. Many thanks for posting these

  4. Perhaps stingy of me (lazy, at least) for not saying it more than this first time, but THANK YOU for the series. I've had botched batches several times over the years, but it looks like I'll finally get the entire set this time. Much appreciated!

  5. Unfortunately, all links are expired. Reuploads possible? Thanks!