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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

1987 12 18 - George and Ringo on Aspel and Co

George and Ringo on ITVs Aspel and Co.
This is one of my personal favourites as G and R are on great form
How about George and Ringo and the possible
law suit concerning Photograpgh. The Beatles story occasionally gets
very silly, this is a fine example.
. As always Enjoy.


  1. Ringo and George wrote some songs together when they split up.

  2. StudioTwo, just letting you know that this link is a Megaupload casualty!

    In the meantime, just saw this in case you don't have it!

    George Harrison Up Close, 1992 (Black Cat 161/162)

  3. Afternoon JW. George and Ringo on Aspel and Co re-upped as requested. Thanks for the link, I do have this one, but thanks for the heads up. Enjoy Studio2.

  4. please reup
    is this audio or video?