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Sunday, 16 June 2013

1989 11 27 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 097

Broadcast week of November 27, 1989

I Got ants In My Pants (August 1980, Studio AdLib)
Steppin Out (Take 2)
Paperback Writer (cv)
Ill Be On My Way (Billy J Kramer)
Ray Coleman
My Bonnie (cv)
Ray Coleman
The Saints (cv)
Bad Boy (cv)
Catswalk (October 1962, Rehearsal)
Ray Coleman
Cry For A Shadow (cv)
Ray Coleman
Chains (cv)
Ray Colemman
Things We Said Today (cv)
Ray Coleman
Bad To Me (Billy J Kramer)
Ill Keep You Satisfied (Billy J Kramer)
Ray Coleman
Do You Want To Know A Secret (Take 6)
Dont Let Me Down (cv)
Save The Last Dance For Me (January 1969, Rehearsal)
Dont Let Me Down (January 1969, Rehearsal)
Sun King (January 1969, Rehearsal)
Sun King (cv)
Mean Mr Mustard (cv)
Baby Youre a Rich Man (cv)
Ray Coleman
The Fool on The Hill (cv)
Ray Coleman
I Call Your Name (Billy J Kramer)
Taxman (cv)
Flying (cv)
Ray Coleman

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