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Sunday, 21 April 2013

1989 10 02 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes 089

Broadcast week of October 2, 1989

Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochrane)
Guitar Boogie (Arthur Smith)
Julia (May 1968, Demo)
Julia (May 1968, Demo)
Some Other Guy ( August 1962, Cavern Club)
One After 909 (May 1960, Rehearsal)
Stand By Me (cv)
I Am The Walrus (cv)
John (January 1976, Elliot Mintz)
Cleanup Time (Rough Mix)
Hard Times Are Over (cv)
John (January 1976, Elliot Mintz)
Cry For A Shadow (cv)
Why (Tony Sheridan)
Love Me Do (cv)
Ringo Starr
Please Please Me (cv)
Happy Birthday (October 1963, BBC Radio)
She Loves You (October 24, 1963, Live sweden)
Twist And Shout (August 23, 1964, Live Los Angeles)
Here Comes The Sun (cv)
John (January 1976, Elliot Mintz)
Sun King (cv)
Beautiful Boy (Acoustic Demo)
Out The Blue (cv)
John (January 1976, Elliot Mintz)
Norweigian Wood (cv)
John (September 1980, Playboy)
Run for Your Life (Rough Mix)
Run For Your Life (cv)
Goodnight Irene (October 8, 1971, Hotel Room)

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