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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

2012 12 26 - BBC Radio York Documentary My Beatles Story

In preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Love Me Do, the
BBC asked it's local radio stations to gather local Beatles Stories
from all corners of the country.
Over Christmas 2012, versions of the original shows were
replayed across the network.These shows will
be appearing here over the next weeks.

Radio York Documentary My Beatles Story


  1. Sorry but this won't download using the new filehost...I just get this message -

    Decryption error

    Any chance of re-upping to the old file host

    Thanks Andy

  2. Ignore my post...downloaded Google Chrome and it works fine.

    Thanks again Studio2.

    1. can you please use different filehost, the current one is a bit confusing and hard to use. Thank you for the interesting downloads of Beatles interviews and radio programs.

  3. Hey Blackbeatle66, what browser are you using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome ? Studio2