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Thursday, 25 October 2012

2012 10 17 - BBCR2 - The Casbah

The Casbah: Birthplace of Merseybeat celebrates the 
somewhat neglected and hugely significant venue where 
The Beatles enjoyed a residency prior to their later and
 more often recognised success at the Cavern Club. 
The documentary is presented by original Beatles' drummer 
Pete Best whose mother Mona both owned and ran the club.

The Casbah, a private members club in the basement of the 
Best family home, was distinctive in a number of ways having 
opened as a strictly Rock'n'Roll venue. The majority of 
Liverpool clubs in the late 50's having had roots in Jazz, Folk 
& Country music. It was also notable in that it was run by a 
woman, Mona Best, in an era when music/club promoters 
were invariably male. The documentary will explore the 
history of the club (decorated by The Beatles and now awarded 
Blue Plaque status) while examining the broader context of the 
boom that came to be known as Merseybeat. 

Contributions from Merseybeat newspaper founder Bill Harry 
alongside Merseybeat veterans Mike Pender of The Searchers, 
Georgie Spruce (AKA Earl Preston of Earl Preston & The TT's), 
Howie Casey (of Derry & the Seniors-the first Liverpool combo 
to play in Hamburg and secure a recording contract), and 
Geoff Nugent (of The Undertakers). The programme will also 
feature the recollections of Casbah Club members and a fleeting,
 though noteworthy, contribution from Paul McCartney

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  1. Psyched to hear this one, Studio-Two! I'm also catching up on my downloads, have been offline for a bit!! Thanks for all these great docs! Can't wait to hear "Beatleland" also!