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Friday, 24 January 2014

1988 02 10 - George Harrison KLOS LA Rockline

Re-upped 24/01/2014

Requested by JW, Somewhere in New York City

Two hours of a caustic George taking questions 
from the general public. Keep your ears out for the 
the guy rattling on about how his baby loves the 
music of GH. Later in the show he returns to
repeat his rattling, much to the ammusement of George.

He also confirms that it was Paul wearing the Walrus suit
in the When We Was Fab video!
Unless George is just playing us all along.


  1. You are a prince among men, Studio2!!!!!!! I've never heard this, always wanted to, thank you so much. Once again you've scratched that Beatles itch! I had just been listening to the little 5 minute medley and realized I had never heard the whole interview! Well, around here, ask and you shall receive!!

    You have some collection, sir!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us, it makes each day go by so much better!

  2. Ooooh, you are right! Grouchy George!! He explains it early on by saying he's had a Dos Equi beer, maybe that's the reason! This rivals the Ringo's "Yellow Submarine" call-in show! Ringo might actually be a little meaner in that one, to be fair to George! George at least seems to have a bit of a conscience about it!

  3. Is there any chance of a reupload of this? Thank you so much in advance, your blog is a treasure. x