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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2011 06 23 - Rolling Stone Magazine Mc I and II


  1. Ahhhh! Where do you get this stuff? Thanks StudioTwo! Unbelievable...downloading now, kind and generous brother to us all!

    Also......a request! Hope you don't mind asking....if you have it, and have it readily available of you have the full George on Rockline 1988? All I ever see is the medley he played pop up on bootlegs, but I've never heard the full interview, and I see that it's listed on Bootleg I figured I'd ask! Hope you don't mind!

    Thanks for this Rolling Stone interview!

  2. Afternoon JW, Thanks as always for your positive comment, as for the GH Rockline Show for 1988, I expect you are refering to the 10th February Show. Watch this space :) Studio2.

  3. Wooooah! I am positively ulcerating with anticipation!!! (hehe) (yes, February 10th, 1988's the date!).

    Thanks in advance Studio2....Where the heck would we be without you???!!!!!!!!

  4. I would love a re-upload of this, thank you so much for your efforts and generosity!