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Thursday, 19 July 2012

2003 10 30 - BBCR4 Nothings Gonna Change My World 03 - Across the Universe

03 - Across the Universe

03 of 03

For forty years the music of four fab young men from Liverpool has
provided a soundtrack to life on planet Earth. In this final programme,
Phill Jupitus visits the worlds largest collection of Beatles cover
versions, tastes the fervour at the annual Liverpool "Beatlefest" and
collects the memories of life-long fans. He reveals the depth of the
impact The Beatles had on individuals, on the 60s counterculture and
on social behaviour. With Yoko Ono, collector Jim Phelan, German
artist Klaus Beyer, rock and roll fan Roy Collier, writers,
musicians and Beatles insiders.

1 comment:

  1. This has been a great 3-parter! Man oh man, it sounds like the BBC does a radio documentary every week on our boys! This series is a particularly great one, thanks Stu-dio Two!!