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Thursday, 5 April 2012

2012 01 30 - Ringo Starr Town Hall Sirius - XM Los Angeles

Another fun interview with Ringo.
It's great to hear his confidence and humour. Marvelous!


  1. Yes! It's Thursday! The Ringo Surprise! I saw a short clip of this and was wondering about the entire "town hall"! Thanks!!

  2. I am finally listening to the entire Town Hall, wow. Russell Brand does a great job moderating! And Ringo is giving great answers!!!

    Sometimes I get a little nervous with Ringo interviews, more than the other three, because if he's not in the mood, he can be a bit snippy!! (the call-in show on the last episode of the Yellow Submarine series is a good example! The whole series he sounds so friendly and gregarious....and then he really puts the announcer on the call-in episode through the paces, makes him work his butt off! (i also remember being a kid, and seeing him drunk on some talk show, I've never seen it on You Tube or anything, it's probably just as well!)

    But not so here! Not so now! Really great answers! Thanks for this, Stu-stu-studio!!!(Two!)