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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BBCR2 - 1959 - Sounds of the 20th Century

The year is 1959, John and Ringo will be 19 years old, Paul 17 and George 16.
1959, the year when "Mac the Knife" wins the Tories a third successive 
general election and National Service is abolished. General de Gaulle is the 
new president of France and the communist Fidel Castro takes over in Cuba. 
World Champion racing driver Mike Hawthorne is killed on the Guildford 
bypass and at Wembley Elton John's cousin Roy breaks his leg in the Cup Final. In the music industry, 78s are discontinued and the stars on 45 are
Adam Faith, Anthony Newley and (the late) Buddy Holly.

 1959 - Sounds of the 20th Century

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