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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dark Horse Records - Personal Music Dialogue With George Harrison 33 1/3 01

"A Personal Music Dialogue With George Harrison At 33 1/3" is a 
1976 US promotional LP for the "Thirty Three & 1/3" album 
(released in the UK on Nov 19, 1976 and in the US on Nov 24, 1976).

Thanks to Sailor Sam at Pepperland 

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  1. These George 33 1/3rds are dead, Studio Two!!

  2. 33 1/3rds now reinstated. Studio2

  3. Thanks, man oh man, you're quick!!! Really, thank you for all this great stuff, I am absolutely loving this blog!!!

    I'll keep reporting any dead links I find! Truly grateful!! Stuff I never thought I'd hear!!

  4. omg! just found your blog. THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS!! Been downloading all the george but got to this one and few above it and they are all dead, media fire says invalid??
    PLEASE can you put them back up?? I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU X A MILLION!!