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Saturday, 3 September 2011

1988 02 15 - Westwood One - Lost Lennon Tapes Show 004

The Playboy Interview
LLT 004 - 15/02/1988 - MP3

Starting Over (cv)
Norweigian Wood (cv)
Drive My Car (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
She Said She Said
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Tomorrow Never Knows (cv)
Girl (cv)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
John (Dec 70, Rolling Stone)
The Fool On The Hill (cv)
Yer Blues (cv)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
Im So Tired (cv)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
Sexy Sadie (cv)
John (Sept 74, KSAN radio)
God (cv)
John (16 April 73, Elliot Mintz interview)
The Rishikesh Song (Demo)
Paperback Writer (cv)
Good Dog Nigel (June 64, Stockholn)
I Sat Belonely (April 64, Murry The K 45)
Good Morning Good Morning (cv)
The National Health Cow (June 65, BBC radio)
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (cv)
Revolution #1 (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Everybodys Got Something To Hide (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
I Want You (cv)
John (Sept 80, Playboy)
Strawberry Fields Forever (1966, Demo)


  1. Hi, can you please check the shows 4, 7, 9, 10 please, the link has expired, thanks.
    I have been enjoying listening to the early shows, I find the interviews are the best, although hearing demos and different versions of The Beatles/ Lennon songs are cool as well.