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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dinsdalep - The Beatlegs Podcasts Volume 001

Quite frankly the best Beatles podcast put together
If you haven't heard it before please download.

DinsdaleP Podcast 001

John's late 1975 audio reply to a query about New York City's influence on his life and work

- unused Third Christmas Record session, Marquee Studio (10-19-65)
- Dream Away (unbootlegged rough mix, 1981)
- Hold Me Tight (rehearsal take, 9-12-63)
- John Lennon's audio reply to Vin Scelsa, WNEW-FM (12-75)
- Beatles arrive at JFK, "The World Today" (2-7-64)
- John accosted on the street outside NY courthouse (circa 1972)
- She's A Woman (take 6, Barrett mix, 10-8-64)
- "College Cheers" Elektra sound effect (used in "Revolution 9")
- studio chat (10-12-65, complete)
- Jamming with Elvis ("Anthology" DVD + Larry Kane interview 8-27-65)
- The Pound Is Sinking (demo)
- Sean Lennon on "Howard Stern Show" (5-3-02)
- Rain (mono mix based on Veech's isolation mix)
- "Alpha Omega" radio ad (aired 1-27-73)
- A Day In The Life "hum" ending (2-10-67)
- "Our World" BBC outro (6-25-67)

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  1. Would you be so kind to fix the links so I could download Beatleg Podcasts Vol. 1-10 that I am missing from this wonderful collection?
    It ewould be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance!