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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

2011 03 06 - BBCR6 McCartney On McCartney 08 1987 1988

BBCR6 Replay of the 1988 McCartney on McCartney. This show
focusing on the Flowers in the Dirt album, writing with Elvis Costello
and thoughts of touring again.

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  1. Studio2, I finally am getting around to listening to this.....what a fantastic program!! I'm on episode 1 right's just story after story that I've never heard before....and we all know with Macca, that's unusual!!!

    A slight thing I suppose I should write on Bootleg Zone or something......I've seen this listed in multiple sources as being originally aired in 1989 from April-May.

    But he talks about playing shows with the new band, and in fact, specifically having just performed in the Scandinavian countries......he played those areas in the beginning of September I believe so......for anyone who may be reading this, perhaps this was broadcast at a later date other than April-May of '89? Can't find any info online, other than what was published in Keith Badman's book (Beatles Diary) and on Bootleg Zone.

    Anyways, regardless.......fantastic show. I'm at work, and I will be listening to this program for several days!!!!